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15/06 > 15/07

Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Béguinage (Brussels)

One month to listen to all voices 

about city zen 

City Zen is a new festival taking place in the heart of Brussels, in a unique location: the Saint-Jean-Baptiste du Béguinage Church. The festival is an original musical journey on the way to diversity, supported by talks, conferences and 2 exhibitions. The line up is driven by citizenship and dedicated to liberty in all its forms.


Far from the mainstream patterns, City Zen blows a freshy wind on the Brussels cultural stage. It is opened to everyone and free (pay what you wish!). We are very proud to announce that Badi, the famous Belgian /Congolese rapper, is the godfather of this first edition. 


concerts and events

All concerts and events are free. You pay what you wish!

More info to come. 

15/06 20:00

Inauguration exhibition

"55 urnes pour la liberté"

This classic chambre orchestra is lead by Constantin Grigore and the soloist violin is George Tudorache, concertmeister of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège. Violin soloist: George Tudorache, conductor : Constantin Grigore. 

16/06 20:30

Concert "Camerata Royale Bucarest 

Debate about the situation in Catalonia. 

19/06 18:00

Conference All about Catalonia

Catalan signer and pianist, the artistic process of Gemma Humet has shown a social commitment. 

20/06 20:30

Concert Gemma Humet

Alumea is a folk band that makes the bagpipes sound, live from Galicia !

23/06 19:00 

Flama del Canigó i Alumea 

23/06 21:30 

Just Married

More info to come. 

26/06 19:00

Panel With the former members of the Catalan government in exile

The Catalan choir gave its first concert in 1963. It now has a repertoire of 800 songs.

30/06 20:30

Concert Coral Canigo

They present "THE WORLD (isn´t really diplomatic)".  Stories of the world, how it works or it doesn´t work. They qualify their work as a "Storytelling, Happening, educational intercultural animation".

This trio: percussion / accordion / clarinet, has an irresistible desire to make people dance! The musicians will share with the dancers a folk repertoire of waltz, scottish, bourrée...... and also their passion for Breton music through Suite Gavotte, Plinn, Kost ar c'hoat, Before Two... Ken Tuch'. Etienne Evrats: percussion / Pierre Challe: accordion / Jean-Armel Meignen: clarinet

6/07 20:30

Concert Falcon Branco + Korvenn trio folk

More info to come. 

12/07 19:00

Presentation Coppieters Fundation

14/07 20:30

Concert + Party Badi & guests 

Badi is a belgian rapper with Congolese roots. His music is a tool for his battles. Growing up in a multicultural environment, his texts are about love, education, double culture on a mix of popular Congolese music and hip-hop.​ / Ana Diaz is a young Belgian singer and pianist with Spanish origins. His urban songs are nourished by soul, jazz, hip-hop, flamenco and sometimes afro-beat beats.​ / Pau Iborra and Anna Amigo are two Spanish artists living in Belgium. They are both involved in a reflection on society. Anna plays the harp and Pau the violin.​ / The career of the pianist of Barcelona Josep Maria Balanyà, with 20 published works and more than 140 recordings, led him to classical music and jazz to improvisation, experimental sound art and performance,  areas he enjoys a high level of international recognition.

15/06 21:00

Inauguration festival * concerts

Badi + Ana Diaz + Josep-Maria Balanyà + Pau Iborra & Anna Amigo Vilalta

Traditional music hold the soul of the world. Colored by its History, marvelous or tragic, they preserve an heritage, ensure its transmission through times. Szabadság gathers Ariane Cohen-Adad, violinist franco-sephardi and Jefferson Louvat, mandolinist belgo-magyar. Together they cross their routes blending music from Eastern Europe, KlezmerBalkans with those from Northern America, Bluegrass and Irish folk.

17/06 20:30

Concert Duo Szabadsag

20/06 19:00

Event 25th anniversary Enderrock magazine

A new experience for Quentin Dujardin and Didier Laloy, who multiply collaborations. Two musical universes that meet and where the sound of the nylon guitar mixes with the breath of the accordion. Stunning melodies, light and colorful arrangements punctuated by the delicacy of Adrien Tyberghein's contrabass.,,

22/06 20:30

Concert Quentin Dujardin, Didier Laloy et Adrien Tyberghein trio + Guest IALMA

ArteLate is a group with multiple influences: flamenco is their starting point and their natural language but they address other genres such as French chanson, boleros, pop, without ever losing that southern color and passion. ArteLate is the voice of Tania Terrón, the percussion of Pedro Marcos and the guitar of Yves Vandewalle. A musical journey to discover.

24/06 20:30

Concert ArteLate

Composed of the cymbalum player Mihai Trestian and the clarinettist / flutist Marine Goldwaser, the duo Mish-Mash invite Nicolas Hauzeur, violinist and singer, for a roman/klezmer evening !

29/06 20:30

Concert Duo Mish-Mash

LARACINE offers an acoustic cocktail of songs in French and music of traditional influences (Europe, Ireland, North America). Festive, funny and impertinent, LARACINE flies above the ambient gloom to drop musical bombs that wake sleepy and give fertilizer to those who stand in the middle of the parterre. Duo concert with Lorcan Fahy (violin) and Captain Wilkin (guitar / vocals)

1/07 20:30


The documentary « Interès d'Estat, en ruta » (« State interest, on the way ») - 45 minutes - is directed by Pere Sánchez, creative director of Alvent Produccions. It is based on the book « Interès d'Estat » by Albert Pont, president of the CCN (Cercle Català de Negocis), which criticizes the Spanish policies of infrastructure investment. 

11/07 19:00

Documentary Interès d'Estat, en ruta+ debate 

A year ago, Emre (saz) met the Indian duo BrahmaKhyapa, an outstanding couple of traditional musicians, who perpetuates the tradition of Baul music. Malabika Brahma (vocals) and Sanjay Khyapa (dubki, dotara) fell immediately the possible connections between saz and Baul music. They are both musical and spiritual : repertoires, similarities between the communities to which they belong, nomadic way of life, and echoes they found in their poetry.

13/07 20:30

Concert Baul meets Saz


55 urnes pour la liberté


Opening hours: Mo > Sa, 9:00 > 17:00.

become a city-zen
City-Zen is the platform dedicated to all bands and artistic expressions defending freedom in all its forms. 

Thanks to its unique location for its 1st edition, City Zen is glad and proud to offer you an exclusive experience and a fantastic acoustic sound.  

Entrance is free but please give a hand to our bands and performers. With City Zen, you pay what you wish. 
access & Parking 
There is a Q Park and a Interparking very close to the  Church. The closest tube station is De Brouckère. Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Béguinage is 5 minutes walk from Central Station.  



Place du Béguinage 2062, 1000 Bruxelles



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